At some point, you might need to add audio to your skills. Dropbox is a good free way to do this and is easier to use than Amazon S3/AWS.


  1. Setup a Dropbox account. If you haven’t, see here.
  2. Now, you need your audio files. If you’re using the ‘short pre-recorded audio’ tool instead of a new Audio Player block, the file needs to be under 90 seconds, and you’ll need to convert the audio to the correct file type using this tool. If it uses an Audio Player Block, just make sure it’s a common file type like .mp3 or .wav and you should be good.
  3. Then, upload the file to Dropbox. See here for information on doing that if you don’t know how.
  4. Finally, get a share link to the file. If you’re unsure of this, see here.
  5. The link that’s created will look something like this: We need to edit out the section and replace it with and remove ?dl=0. It should look like this:
  6. Now, just paste the link in the pre-recorded audio step or in an Audio Player Block.
  7. If you’re using an Audio Player block, make sure you’ve edited the ‘then’ section and linked it to a stop block or similar.
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