I think the hardest part of creating your Alexa Skill is getting people to use it. There are limited ways to market it, especially methods that don’t cost money. In no particular order, I’m going to list some ideas you can use.

  1. Review your own skill. You can review your own skill. Be honest – don’t claim it does things that it can’t do, but adding just one review will increase your search rankings, and encourage users to click on your skill instead of others.
  2. Review exchangingThe Storyline Facebook group is great for review exchanges. Create a post saying ‘Hey! I created xxx skill, and you can review it here:’ and list the URL for every country it’s available in. Remember to say that if people review your skill, they can leave their skill link in the comments and you’ll review there’s.
  3. Reddit. Reddit is great for marketing your skill. Make sure you post it in the relevant subreddit and be sure to check that subreddit’s rules to make sure advertising isn’t banned.
  4. Get posted on blogs. This is perhaps the most difficult one to do, but it really pays off. There are multiple tech blogs, and if you can convince them that your skill will help others, and maybe drop some cash, then you can get featured to thousands of viewers.
  5. Make skills for events. This one is a little different. You will get a huge spike in users, and possibly earn some cash from Alexa Developer Rewards. I’ll use a skill I made as an example. The US midterm elections are in November this year, so I’ve planned ahead, made, and published a ‘US Election 2018’ skill which tells you the latest election-related news from an RSS feed, the poll stats, and Trump’s Latest Tweet. It’s the first skill for this event, which immediately gives it an advantage. It’ll be incredibly popular at the end of October through to November. Furthermore, in the summer, you might want to make a skill which gives you barbeque tips, as Amazon sometimes features relevant skills (thanks Mark for this).

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