Did you know you can have Twitter integrations in your Alexa Skills easily by using IFTTT? Let’s find out how. I’m going to create a skill which tells the user about ‘Trump’s Latest Tweet’.

  1. Let’s go to https://ifttt.com/create and click ‘+this’. Search for Twitter and click the twitter icon.
  2. Now, you’ll see this:

    I’m going to be selecting ‘New tweet by a specific user’ because I want my Google Spreadsheet to update when Donald Trump tweets. Then, once I click it, I enter the username (@realDonaldTrump).
  3. Click ‘create trigger’. Now, click ‘that’ and search for Google Sheets. Click on it.
  4. We want to click ‘update cell in Spreadsheet’ because we want the tweet to overwrite the previous tweet on the sheet, so let’s click it. Now we need to choose what we want Alexa to say. Make the ‘drive folder path’ empty, and name your spreadsheet, Tweets, for example. You must set the ‘Which cell?’ section to A2, and the value can be what you want. This is what Alexa reads. Mine will say: ‘@realDonaldTrump said: The blablabla’ etc. Then, select ‘create action’.
  5. Now, just wait until the person makes a Tweet and the spreadsheet will become visible at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ – then, follow THIS tutorial on getting Alexa to say what we want.

IMPORTANT: In the spreadsheet, in cell A3, you’ll need to paste ‘=Split(A2,”https”, FALSE)’. NOTE: WHEN COPYING THIS LINK, THE “s will be INCORRECT. Remove the ” symbols and replace them with the ” from your keyboard. This will remove any https:// links at the end of the tweet and stop Alexa from saying it. Your API call will need to be variable=api_response.feed.entry.1.title.$t as this is the second cell in the sheet (computers count from 0). To play the tweet, make Alexa say {{variable}} or the value you put before the ‘=’ sign.

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