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Currently Amazon Alexa supports 7 different languages/dialects:

  1. English (U.S.)
  2. English (U.K.)
  3. English (Canada)
  4. English (Australia)
  5. English (India)
  6. German
  7. Japanese

As you can see there are 5 different English-speaking regions on this list.

But most of the Alexa skills developers just ignore this fact, they’re building only for the US and don’t update their skills to work in UK, Canada, Australia and India.

So, today I want to show you guys how to update your Alexa skills built on Storyline to work over all the English-speaking regions.

Let’s start.


1. Go to the Amazon Alexa Developer Console (you may have to sign in). You’ll see this:

2. Find the Alexa skill you want to expand to different languages and click “Edit”.

See the ‘edit’ button at the bottom right.

3. Click on the button at the top left which will say ‘English (U.K.)’, ‘English (U.S.)’ or another language depending on which language you developed the skill for. Then, click ‘language settings’.

4. Click ‘add a new language’ and click all of the languages you want to add. Then click save.

5. Then you need to click ‘build’ next to your skill name in the top right, click on the box with the language that you clicked earlier, (English U.S.), for example, and select the language used in your Lambda function or Storyline project. You can check this at Then, click the JSON editor in the bottom left.

6. Highlight all of the text in the editor, by clicking somewhere on the text and pressing Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (Mac). Then, use Cmd+C/Ctrl+C to copy it all.

8. Now, click the language box in the top left (English (U.K.) in our screenshot) and click one of the languages. Paste the code you copied into the JSON window and click ‘build model’. Repeat this for every language.

9. Click ‘Distribution’ at the top of the screen. Fill in all of the entry forms for each language. It’s tedious, but usually, I complete one, then split screen my laptop so that the complete form is on the left and the incomplete on the right, and I copy and paste from the left tab to the right.

10. Click on ‘certification’ and allow the validation check to run. Then, click ‘submission’ on the left and submit the skill for review!


Unless the only thing you’re changing is what Alexa says, you’ll need to do some more to update it each time. Whenever you want to update your skill, click ‘upload to Alexa’ in Storyline and go to the Alexa skill page in your Amazon developer console shown above. Select the language you developed the skill in. Then, go to the JSON editor and copy the text, and repeat steps 5-8.

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