Our most popular products

Here is a collection of the most popular skills created by Voicebox. They range in category, uses and demographics.


Drop Buddy is our most popular skills. It is based on the popular online game, Fortnite. It can give you a random location as well as challenges.


Kids Hub is another one of our most popular skills. It is an activity collection for children aged 2 to 12. The skill is easy to use and has lots of fun activities, including tongue twisters, charades, and true or false.


Roast Machine is an insult generator, which generates insults from over 1000 variations. It is rated as 5 star on every skill store, which is impressive for a popular skill.

About Voicebox

Voicebox is an emerging company who develop ‘skills’ for Amazon Alexa.
Our work ranges from trivia and games to productivity skills, daily facts, and event specific skills such as US Election 2018.
We aim to provide free, adless skills which anyone can use, which people can use in multiple aspects of their daily lives.
We have 17 skills now and which are getting well over 10k sessions every week, which will total to over a million in the next year.


Check out our blog for a wide variety of tutorials and guides on creating your own Alexa skills.

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